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Ahmsa Colombia

The internal armed conflict in Colombia has fueled one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. The country has the second worst rate of internal forced displacement with over 4 million people displaced; over the past year, someone in Colombia was forcibly displaced from their home by the violence every minute (1). Additionally, Colombia has more landmines than anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere and over 11,000 child soldiers (2), leaving many with disabilities and/or severe psychosocial stress.

Despite these challenges, the Colombian people are resilient and innovative in their response to poverty and violence. In the midst of the fighting of a few, the majority continue working selflessly and diligently for a better life for their communities and families.

Ahmsa Colombia is a Colombian nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating poverty and creating economic opportunities for the country’s most marginalized groups. Ahmsa’s poverty alleviation projects are inextricably linked to peace-building efforts in some of the most complicated areas of the country.

Ahmsa has served over 2,180 people in the past four years in Colombia, South America, including internally displaced persons, former child soldiers, single mothers, disabled persons and ethnic minorities. Average incomes for participants have increased by over 500% as a result of ahmsa’s support.

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(2) Human Rights Watch